Why I Decided to Start My Own Fashion Company

From an early age, I have always loved fashion. From accessories to each piece of the outfit, I always wanted to look put together well. As a child I would insist that my hair be fixed and my dresses be frilly! For years I would put together outfits for myself as well as friends for going out and soon realized, I could make a career out of doing what I love!
Fashion has always been a passion of mine, so why not create my own fashion company? Starting small, I would design outfit ideas and learned how to sew to be able to put together unique pieces. This was the tricky part, as I had to teach myself new techniques in the fashion world. Sewing is not easy and definitely an art. It takes time and patience to hand stitch, as well as use a sewing machine to piece together garments. With practice, I have been able to master certain techniques that I use in my clothing line.
When I would go shopping, I would find pieces I liked but most items just lacked the flare that I liked to add to my wardrobe. This was why I started making my own designs and creating outfits for myself as well as family and friends. Everyone wanted a unique piece to wear and I figured out I could start my obsession as a way to get into the fashion industry.
Working in retail also helped me to better understand what individuals want in fashion. Some love color while others lean more towards the design of the garment. By learning what people enjoy, I can create unique lines of clothing that will appeal to the mass audience rather than a particular set of people. I also work to create fashion for every body type. Everyone should feel as though they can wear an item of clothing, looking great in the process.
I certainly love the fashion world and have found a way to make my love for clothing a career that can be of benefit to individuals from all walks of life! I decided to take my life in my own hands, creating my very own brand that I can enjoy, as well as use to make a life for myself. Take your passion and start a career, loving what you do each and every day! You will not regret doing what you love and loving what you do!

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