What Exactly I’m Going to be Doing in Fashion

I have decided to start a career in fashion. When I tell people this, they wonder, well what are you going to do? There are so many areas of work in the fashion industry, but I have decided to focus my energy on designing clothing and creating my own store. I want to be able to create unique designs that individuals can enjoy and have my own store in which to sell these designs.

To get started, I have created a portfolio of designs. I take a look at current trends including color and cut of clothing to determine how to start my latest set of designs. I can sew, so many of the pieces I will create myself. But, because I want to open a shop, I will need assistance. I am working with other individuals to help me get my line started and once my shop begins to gain ground, I will work with a company to begin designing my ideas quickly, to keep the shop stocked with new items.

I must first have a strong line of clothing to stock my store, once I find one, and then continue to add items to have the store always furnished with clothing pieces. I will probably look to add other designer items in my store as well to have a nice selection of clothing from other newbies in the industry.

My shop! Oh my shop! I am currently looking for a space to create my very own shop. I have wonderful design ideas on how I would like my shop to look. I want a wide open space where I can have racks of my designs as well as a large area for trying on clothing. I want my customers to feel comfortable when they arrive and feel free to browse as long as they like.

I will be including plush furnishings for lounging as well as beautiful lighting and designer accents. I want the space to feel like a lovely boutique that everyone recommends to friends and family. Getting started is fun and exciting, only pushing me to meet my goals to accomplish my dream of a career in the fashion world!  I look forward to seeing great success in the fashion industry as I create my own brand of clothing and open a shop. I want to bring my creativity to life with new styles that everyone can enjoy, no matter their style or budget.

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