Things That Make Me Tick

As a self-proclaimed fashionista and business owner, I enjoy the simple things in life. I stay busy with my business but enjoy the little things each day. It is important to be able to set aside time for yourself to enjoy food, good friends, and fun. Below are a few things that make me tick, allowing me to enjoy myself each day as I run my very own fashion business.

Fresh Brew
Each day I have to start with a fresh cup of coffee. I enjoy visiting the local coffee shops near my business for the lovely smells and friendly conversation. You never know who you will meet up with as you visit any of the shops near my boutique and I have made quite a few new friends along the way. Some days I will stop in and have a chat with the barista at my favorite shop or I will grab a muffin with my coffee and sit down with friends before starting the work day. Starting off slow and visiting the coffee shops makes it easier for me to have a relaxing day.

Shop Till I Drop
Shopping is always fun for me, whether I am shopping for my boutique or myself. I try to go shopping at my favorite stores at least once a week, or at least log online to see if there are any special deals on my new favorites. Taking time for myself, purchasing new clothing to look my best, allows me to feel good about my appearance. I can present myself at my very best each day, whether I am working or just spending the day with friends.

I find inspiration in everything. I especially enjoy old fashion. I have taken a few pieces of my grandmothers and keep them in my office to inspire me each day. I love my grandmother’s old peach dress from the 30’s as it evokes a style that is long since gone. I like to think she is with me each day as I create new designs or enjoy shopping for my boutique.

Fun and Flirty
Makeup is a fun and flirty way to change up your style each day and I love to play! I change my makeup regularly depending on my mood and outfit. From glamorous to simple styles, I can look however I want and become a different person whenever I choose. I love to play with different styles transforming the way I look from day-to-day!

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