My Daily Must Have’s Every Morning

Every individual has their own routine that is followed each morning to get the day started. For some, the routine is normal while others may follow a routine that is considered to be outside of the box. For me, I have a few must-haves that I must follow every morning to be productive and feel accomplished, not to mention actually wake up!

Coffee First
No ifs, ands, or buts. I must have my coffee before I can start the day. Every morning I prepare a fresh pot and enjoy the smell as the grounds brew. I love to sip on my hot coffee, contemplating what I am going to do today. I enjoy the caffeine jolt as well as the smell and taste from my pot. Coffee drinkers are a rare breed and must have that fresh cup before getting ready to tackle the day.

Shower Rinse Repeat
Once coffee is done, a shower is a must. Feeling fresh and clean allows me to feel good about my appearance and prepared to head to work. There is nothing like a hot shower when you first awaken to jolt the body into proper function.

Music can have several different effects depending on your mood. I like to play music in the mornings as I get ready to head to work. If I am feeling happy, I will play dance tunes and dance around the house. If I am relaxed, I will play a few slow jams or jazz music to continue that relaxation feeling. Give yourself a treat by enjoying your favorite songs to start the day.

Since I have had my coffee, I am wide awake. But now, I need food! I enjoy a full breakfast some days while others I eat and run. I try to have several breakfast items on hand so that I have a few options to choose from. By eating breakfast, I have the most important meal of the day and am not hungry before lunch arrives. Nothing can mess up my day more by not eating breakfast and starving until lunch, not being productive at work at all since all that is on my mind is food!

While I enjoy my breakfast, I hop online to check email for the morning. Sometimes I have new work emails coming in, so I can answer them while I eat. I check my schedule for the day to see what I have going on, to ensure I actually remember what I have going on for the day. By checking my email and schedule, I know what is coming up so I can remain stress free as I get ready for the day.

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful
I always make sure to check the weather before I get dressed. This is an absolute must! In my area, the weather is constantly changing and who wants to wear a sweater when it is going to be hot outside? By checking the weather before I dress, I can dress appropriately, being prepared for any temperatures or conditions, staying comfortable all day long!

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