How My Obsession With Shopping and Fashion Started

As a young child, I watched my mother always look her best. Every day, even if she had nothing to do, she would curl her hair, put makeup on and dress nicely. As a little girl, this made me want to look pretty wherever I went. I began to develop a sense and interest in fashion from an early age, taking care of my appearance and choosing my own clothing.

Fashion Magazines
I would get ideas for my outfits by looking through various fashion magazines. From Vogue to Glamour, I enjoyed looking at the various styles, even the most outlandish. I began to grow a sense of style all my own, combining colors that might not necessarily go together or prints that were not matchy-matchy. I took the style advice in the magazines, as well as clipped out pictures to use as reference when I wanted to pull together a certain outfit.

Staying Thrifty
Staying in fashion can be quite expensive. My mother thankfully knew how to look good on a budget. She taught me how to shop at thrift stores to find a great deal on key pieces to a wardrobe. From blazers to a classic crisp white blouse, you can find any and everything at a thrift store. Because we knew what days to shop locally, we could hit up our favorite store to find the best deals on certain looks. We would always bring in pictures to compare items and find the best matches possible to meet a certain style or design.

The thrift store also comes in handy when you know how to sew. My mother taught me how to sew by hand and by machine. Using this skill, we would purchase material at the thrift stores for a major discount or take larger garments and turn them into other items. For example, long housecoats or long dresses can easily be cut back to create a sleeveless dress or a skirt, if you like the pattern. We learned how to shop at the thrift stores by looking at items differently to create unique pieces. You can save a ton of money and have new and one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe.

By watching my favorite television shows, I also gained an additional sense of style. From popular shows to the Grammy awards, I could see my favorite stars and how they dressed as a character as well as in real life. I liked to emulate them and take pieces of my own wardrobe and create outfits based on certain designs. This helped me to learn my own style by playing with different looks based on characters or my favorite actors.

Venturing Out
I also liked to go to the local mall to see what everyone was wearing. You can really get a sense of the local style by sitting at the mall and people watching. From teens to business professionals, you catch a few common features that can help you pull various looks together. I loved fashion so much I would take a notebook and take notes, to keep track of styles I like or common trends I was seeing. Different seasons would suggest different trends, with new and old looks being popular among different age groups.
Shopping Trendy Stores
To stay on top of the latest trends and hot looks, I would also visit the trendy stores. Designers always bring out something new with every season, so even now I keep track of the newest looks by top designers. This way I can stay on trend with my own wardrobe and gain inspiration for my latest fashion collections.

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