How I’m Learning to be More Business Minded

Owning a business is hard. From small businesses to large corporations, there are many factors that go into being successful. When I decided to enter the fashion industry, I had to learn how to be more business minded. When you work, you are conditioned to do your job, never really considering the behind-the-scenes needs of a company. As I started my own business, I learned quickly that I had to consider several aspects to be able to be successful.

A large aspect to business is financials. I never realized that the finances were more than just taxes and payroll. I have to keep track of how much I am spending on materials, purchasing clothing, etc. I have to keep track of business lunches, meetings, catering, etc. I have to stay on top of all purchases and costs so that my taxes are correct, helping me to establish my business. I have had to learn how to trust my accountant and use a professional to help me streamline my finances so I can make smart business decisions rather than just focus on the pretty and fun aspects of my fashion business.

Time Management
Time is money is an old saying that is commonly used in business. Spending time is going to cost or make you money. I had to learn quickly how to spend my time wisely. I needed to learn how to schedule meetings, arrive on time and make sure I never overschedule myself. Sometimes meetings run over or individuals may be late. You need to make time for this, something I have had trouble with in the past. Learning how to use your time is important to being successful when you own a business. Scheduling becomes critical and a mobile device can be your best friend as you keep track of appointments during your daily business hours.

Customer Service
The customer is always right. This can be a hard pill to swallow but an adage that should be adhered to to be successful in business. If you have ever worked in retail, you understand how difficult customers can be. However, you must be courteous and try to do your best to satisfy every customer. If not, you can get bad reviews and lose more customers. One bad review can severely harm a business. Take time to learn how to be patient and practice good customer service so your business receives good reviews and you have a steady influx of customers to your business.

Learn to Rely On Yourself
To make your business successful, you have to rely on yourself. Learn how to trust your instincts and make decisions you feel are right. If you are a young entrepreneur, you may second guess your decision or want to ask your parents or friends for help. Learn how to rely on yourself. You will make mistakes along the way, but learn from them. You will build your self-confidence which will help you to be even more successful in your business endeavors.

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