Battling This Generations Competition

I can’t wait to start my own fashion company but it is going to take a lot of work. I have a lot of competition from my current generation as I try to set up shop. Starting a business in this day and age is different than in the past. Now I have to battle not only regular ads on television and radio, but also social media is changing the face of the competition around me.

I have to be savvy on how I market and how I battle this generation’s competition. While I sip my favorite cup of coffee, I contemplate my attack plan. Here’s what I’m planning on so far.

Facebook is a must. This is something my business must have to be successful. I can not expect my business to take off without mastering the art of Facebook advertising and utilizing the power it yields. I have been learning ways that I can market my business through the social media site and what tips and tricks I need to be successful at it.


Instagram is another favorite place I should be advertising as well. This is a way I can showcase my fashion expertise by having my designs in pictures on Instagram. This will help me to build myself up as an expert in the industry as I embark on this new adventure. Instagram has taken off as a huge new social media adventure through pictures. It is different from the other forms of media and offers a unique way for me to share my talent and future design store.

I’ve also got to be ready to face whatever my competition throws my way. I need to keep myself updated on the latest fashion trends and what is up and coming each season. I must keep my employees, when they are hired, updated as well. I want to be the leading fashion go-to in the area and to do that I must stay fresh and up on the latest looks.

These are just a few of the ways I’m going to help myself to battle my generation’s competition in the fashion industry. As I open my new business, armed with my favorite coffee in one hand and my social device in the other, I can’t wait to see where it takes me! This is sure to be an adventure that I hope will be a success for generations to come!

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