About Me

Hanna N Wang here, San Diego native fashionista extraordinaire! I’m all about finding our inner personal individual styles, not just following trends but creating our own. That is how I am looking at the future of my own business. Yes, that’s right, I’m starting my own fashion company! This blog will be my catalog of the ups and downs that I will roll though with my personal and business life. While also sharing the little things that make me tick, like coffee and and shopping!

You could say I’m not your typical fashionista. I don’t find my inspiration through the current trends, though I do follow them sometimes. I find my inspiration through the things that make me tick. Whatever new passions I stumble upon, my relationships in life, or even the type of coffee I drink inspires me to create my new piece. This is the beginning of my new crazy life in entrepreneurship, so please bare with me as I discover a new side of myself!