6 Ways I Need To Try and Save More Money

I’m pretty sure that you have tried different ideas to save money. For the most part, people tend to cut back on their expenses by keeping track of their shopping habits. While this could be very effective, there are instances wherein you really need to spend more than you wanted to. Like when your relatives suddenly came for a surprise visit, it would be a shame if you wouldn’t offer them something to eat or drink at least. Or when your pet suddenly gets sick and you need to bring him over to the vet to get medications. All of these little things costs us money and through time, they pile up. Here are a few suggestions to help you save more money.

Opt for water over other beverages
This is a very simple idea that works like a charm. Drinking water rather than soda or beer can save you a lot of money. It will make you a lot healthier and more productive. Water will not only quench your thirst but it will also make you feel a lot fuller than sugar filled drinks. Sugary drinks tend to give you a short burst of a sugar rush, giving you a feeling of being recharged. However, this is only for a short while and you will soon feel the need to drink more of the same stuff. Water, on the other hand, lasts longer and is more effective than sugar filled drinks.

Save those loose change
Loose change in our pockets and sometimes wallets are often neglected. We usually take them for granted. Why don’t you try putting them inside a jar or a container whenever you have some. You will be surprised as to how much you could be saving in just a few months.

Bring a list when going shopping
Practice the habit of shopping with a list. Before you go shopping, take note of the things you need to buy. Go over your list twice, thrice, or even four times and remove those that are not necessary. Once you have your list ready, make sure you stick to them and not let your impulse a hold of you while shopping. Remember your list and keep it at hand where you can see it.

Communicate wisely
Call only when it is really important. If it is not a matter of life and death, then use communication portals that are free. There are a lot of platforms that are offering free chat services such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc. make good use of them. If you need to send a really long message then you can email them. Using free communications is a lot better than text messages or calls.

Use public transit
If you haven’t tried it yet, then you better add it to your list of money saving tips. The public transit cost cheaper than gas or cab. It will get you to the same destination at a lower cost. The only downside to public transport is that you have to give more time allowance so that you wouldn’t get late for your work or appointment. But what the heck. If you can save $1000 on transportation every month then why not give it a try?

Keep away from danger
This is very practical. If you are away from danger, you would not need hospitalization. You would be a lot healthier and happier. You would be more productive thus you will be earning more, unless you are a stuntman or a daredevil that is. Your insurance will be a lot cheaper. Who would have thought that by not doing stupid things you could save money? It is kind of funny isn’t it? So those are a few tips you could try so that you could save more and live more.

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