6 Ways I Am Learning to be More Business Minded

When it comes to being a freelancer and working from home, you have to be a savvy business person. I’m in the process of learning how to be more business minded and it’s taking me some time, but I’m getting there. There are six ways I’m learning to be more business minded and here they are!

Create a Plan
I have realized now more than ever that I have to have a plan in place if I’m going to be a successful business person. Working from home as a self-employed freelance writer is a business. I must plan for this to succeed and have steps in place to see it through.

Set Goals
I’m learning that part of that planning process is to set myself goals for the future. Where do I want to be in one year? Five years? Ten years? These are questions I need to ask myself on a regular basis so that I can be sure I’m on the right path.

Constantly Improving Myself
When it comes to writing and running my business, I must constantly look for ways to improve myself and my abilities. Whether that be learning a new topic of interest, learning to write new techniques or the latest updates in a software program for writers, I must constantly move forward instead of backward.

Take A Step Back
While it may seem that it’s an odd thing to do, I must take a step back from the business every once in awhile to see where it’s going from the outside. I must take time to evaluate my progress and my freelance writing business progress to see where I need to tweak my goals or my plan itself.

Look at Me Through Clients Eyes
Am I professional in my emails? Do I present myself in a kind and friendly manner while still maintaining a business professional attitude? All of these are questions I need to ask myself and make sure I’m still portraying myself to clients as I would want a writer to portray themselves to me. By putting myself in my client’s shoes, I can see where I need to do things differently or how my work can be improved to make their experience a positive one. When it comes to client retention, if I’m not keeping clients happy and satisfied, I do not have a job to work on.

Take Time to Make Changes
Before changing something major in my freelance business, I must take time to think about what the repercussions will be of that decision. At times it can be really easy to want to get rid of a client who is being more troublesome than it seems to be worth. When that happens, I must take time to evaluate the consequences of my letting that client go before I do. What if my other clients have to stop writing processes or I lose another client due to circumstances beyond my control? That could leave me searching for more clients and without a paycheck. All decisions that are made in the my freelance writing career need to be carefully thought through and made without haste or without anger.

I’m learning to be more business minded with my freelance writing career because I want to take this through the next several years to come. By preparing myself now and being smart about how I run my business, I can protect myself from problems down the road. Start now by making wise decisions and thinking it through in your own business before making any hasty choices. It will save you time and trouble in the long run!

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