6 Steps I’m Taking to Be a Business Woman

When I knew that I don’t ever want to live on a 9 to 5 type of job, I started thinking about having my own business, being my own boss, and working under my own pace. But as a female entrepreneur, the business world can be a daunting task especially when your competitors are guys looking down on women. You need to step up and think of clever ways to be ahead in the game. With this in mind, I knew I need to prepare myself before entering the business world, and these are my plans so that I can be a better business woman.

Build up confidence
Confidence is important in the corporate world. You will be meeting with different people, dealing with the upper class and investors, and reaching out to your target market. You will be marketing your brand most of the time. And more importantly, you will be handling staff and workers. Without the right amount of confidence, you can’t do all these things. You won’t know what to do. You will panic, really.
Being confident is the foundation for all businesses. And in business, confidence sells.
Be updated with the current events

Learning about the latest trends, not just those that are connected with your business field, is vital in doing business. You need to learn the behavior and trend of your target market so your brand can follow and adjust.

Being active in the social media and making connections
Almost everyone in the world fits the online community, thanks to social media sites. Talking to people and giving solutions regarding your expertise is a sure win to market yourself and your business. This is also a great way to improve communications with people who can expand or boost your business.

Learn good leadership skills
Doing business and being the boss requires good leadership skills such as honesty, courteousness, responsible, discipline, trustworthy, dependable, cooperative, ability to plan ahead, organized, and communicative. When you become a business person, automatically you will lead. You will be in the forefront of the company. You will decide. And most importantly, you will take care of people under you.

Exude kindness and humility towards your subordinates
When you have a business, you will have a staff who will work for you. They are your manpower. They are your business partners.  They are your extended hands, feet, mouth, and brains. Technically, they are you. My father is a pure business person. It runs in his system. And one of his assets is his people. He loves and takes good care of his people and in return, his people loves and takes good care of the business. They love my father. My father’s business is his life and passion. And because his people love him so much, the business has become their life and passion as well. And this exchange of love turned the business into gold.

Get ample knowledge and skills about the venture you want to take
You don’t want to get yourself in a battle not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to win against your competitors. Be sure to study your business, brand, and target market. Do a research, product testing, and market analysis. Learn from the experts. And more importantly, get the right skills which will become your perfect armor in the battle ahead.

Doing business is just like creating a world wherein you are the creator, the decision maker, the leader, and the doer. It is not for the faint-hearted. Either it will pull you up or throw you down. So better be prepared to everything that comes with it.

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