5 Highlights Every Branding Video Should Have

Video marketing and video content are trending. The trend will continue as society’s overall attention span decreases. Society prefers video content to readable content. Branding videos are introducing your brand to the world. Your brand has to have a personality and consistent persona to draw attention from the right audiences.

Captivating Content

Content is, and always will be, the most important element to branding videos. What you tell your audience has to have substance, value, and the brand must show authority. Without captivating content, your branding video will come across as a small-budgeted or homemade video with no real direction. Your content has to build, but must start with something that grabs the audience’s attention making them want to watch further.

Stand Out Among Competition

Your brand cannot do what other brands are doing. It does not set your brand apart from the competition to sample from them. If you are a small business or startup, hire a local San Fransisco video production company to help with the branding video. Local companies are more personal and often cost less. Make sure that your approach is innovative, fresh, and unique. Consumers like what’s different and memorable.

Tell a Story

Your branding video has to tell a story of some kind. It does not have to be about why the brand started or how a specific product was created, but it should relate to the brand in a way that connects with the audience. The one time that you would want to tell the story of the “conception of the brand” would be your very first startup video. Make sure the story has highlights, and makes sense.

Include a Mission Statement

Your mission statement should be included, either written or spoken, in every branding video created for your brand. It is what tells consumers what your brand stands for or what its promise is. The mission statement should be unique and reflective only of why the brand was established. Consumers are more likely to associate a brand name with its main focus upon introduction to the industry.

Include a Benefit

Consumers need to be informed of at least one main benefit of your brand or brand’s pilot product. Do not confuse a benefit with a feature. Features enhance the product; benefits enhance your customers’ lives in some way. If a consumer cannot tell why using your product or service is going to help them in some way, they are likely to turn their heads the other way.

Final Word

Video branding is important to survive in today’s ever-changing economy. New brands have established corporations to compete with and setting themselves apart from the competition is no easy task. It is important to create a video that speaks with an honest but integral voice. The brand has to appear approachable, up-to-date on technology trends, and able to deliver a clear message to stay in the minds of new audiences. Essentially, the idea in video branding is be fierce and dare to be different. Videos that stand out are more memorable and make better impressions.

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